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Table low light ULM Vondom white. VerySmartShop


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Table low light ULM Vondom white.
The Table low ULM of Vondom presents the original feature of light up in a white light. It can take place inside your Hotel, outside, on your terrace.
It will perfectly complement garden ULM show, as in the main photo.
For added protection, use a plate glass or Polyethylene.
The lower Table of the ULM Collection has been designed by the Spanish Designer Ramon Esteve for Hoteliers and Restaurateurs.
Overnight, its lines combining curves and lines lines light up to delight your customers. It complements with refinement your outdoor living room or part of your Club Lounge.
‘Made in’ making Europe brand Vondom is guarantee of seriousness and quality.
The ULM bass Table has a high resistance to natural elements, be it rain, sunlight, UV, or extreme temperatures ranging from-60 ° C to + 80 ° C. The Table is in Polyethylene white colour Matt when she is off.
In option for additional protective support, you can opt for a glass of white or Bronze or polyethylene color Ice square to add on the top of the table.
Learn more about the Vondom‘s product at the website VerySmartShop.com

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