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Mower electric robot L30 ELite S Plus - 2000 m2 Ambrogio. VerySmartShop.com


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Mower electric robot L30 ELite S Plus – 2000 m2 Ambrogio.
A new line Ambrogio, the L30 Elite S Plus features developed very electronic. and can be programmed to manage up to 4 zones on 2000 m 2.
This robot mower mows fully automatically, it is able to rotate around its axis and can be used on slopes up to 45%. Exceptional results, even near the perimeter cable! Its charging base relieves you of the manual load, no need to connect it to the charger, AMBROGIO L30 does only!
Mulching function
The robot AMBROGIO L30 Elite S more to the advantage of creating his own natural fertilizer. This natural fertilizer is the result of a crushing, in very fine particles of grass clippings (technology “Mulching”). Crushed grass is then placed between the roots of the grass to allow a better regeneration of the soil and the lawn. Finished emptying bags of mower… and welcome to a healthy lawn.
Security systems
The sensors integrated into the wrists ensure an immediate halt to the blade when the robot mower is raised many AMBROGIO L30 Elite S Plus sensors enable it to change direction in case of obstacles in its path.
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