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FitMarina, a specialist in fitness equipment and pool

FitMarina, a specialist in fitness equipment and pool.
At FitMarina, find all the fitness equipment and fitness to train at home and center Gym. Find all quality equipment for your pool, a reference.
We are delighted to welcome you in the world of FitMarina store. authorized partner network Univeco Design, FitMarina.com is the specialist in the sale of equipment, fitness and outdoor. A world leader in high quality products.
Discover the world on your website FitMarina: FitMarina.com



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Body-Solid. Bodybuilding and Fitness by Univeco/Casa

Body-Solid. Specialist training equipment and fitness equipment.
Body-Solid. All the bodybuilding and fitness equipment for s’ train at home and in the center Gym, and thus perform a weight training with correct movements. Selection Univeco/Casa discount prices guaranteed!

Body-Solid is a manufacturer and distributor of professional equipment Strength Training based in USA. The company, present on the international market for over 25 years, is distinguished by its high quality appliances.
Discover here all our product Body-Solid, developed benches classic lying multifunction machines through accessories such as rack storage or power bars. Find the taste of professional training indoors at home thanks to this material very good quality affordable.
Select Body-Solid equipment on UnivecoCasa.com (Europe) and UnivecoCasaShop.com (Americas)



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We are delighted to welcome you in the world of magazine Univeco / Casa. Authorized Design Partner Univeco network. UnivecoCasa.com is a specialist in the sale of equipment, furniture and contemporary objects for the home, garden and wellness >> No. 1 Innovation and Design. A world leader of high quality products.


CosySmart is every week new bargains! CosySmart is one of the leading specialists of the leading brands of consumer electronics, communication and home appliances in the world. You will find the products need you for all needs, at an affordable price.


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Neoflame is synonymous of elegance, modernity, Confidence and Design. bio-ethanol fireplaces, electronic burners inserts for heating and decoration, for inside and outside. The fun besides! The Neoflame ethanol fireplace is the fireplace freely and safely, just for the pleasure of your evenings by the fire.


ChocodiVINs - Chocolate and Champagne. Like the world of high fashion, you will discover the collections of chocolates and wines inspired by current trends and much +. Chocodivins selection. Boxes, small boxes, asphalt bags, boxes. An exclusive collection of chocolates and Champagne. At require immediately.

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